Jeremy Lin is Looking Average

Looks like the “Linsanity” movement is all but dead or at least on life-support.

Jeremy Lin is struggling with the Houston Rockets; he is playing average and not at all living up to the “Linsanity” hype. Some could argue it’s the arrival of James Harden that may have dampened his stats, but when you look at the rest of the roster its evident it should be enough shots for Lin.

Jeremy Lin was a sensation for the New York Knicks; he was a thrill to watch and hade some very memorable moments. He was rightfully thrown into the spotlight but people often forget Lin only played 35 games last season. Also only in about half of those games did he actually have good/great games. He would eventually get injured, missing the end of the year, but even before that consistency was obviously an issue.

This season Lin is not living up to his past miraculous games. He is averaging career lows in a couple vital statistical categories.

Field Goal %

  • Lin is shooting 39% from the field and this is after shooting above 45% for most of last season. He is known for driving to the basket and knifing his way to the paint, so this is a very telling stat. Lin isn’t finishing at the basket like he did last season with the Knicks and his points in the paint are down. He is also shooting an abysmal 26% from behind the arc, down from a lackluster 32% last season.

Points per Game

  • Last year with the Knicks he averaged about 15 ppg, this season Lin has only managed to score 10 ppg. He is doing this despite averaging more minutes with the Rockets and having more ball-handling opportunities.  He went from averaging only 26 minutes with the Knicks to 35 minutes with the Rockets.

The Knicks took a lot of criticism for letting Lin walk to the Houston Rockets but right now the organization looks like they made the right decision. Lin’s game still has a lot of holes in it and several question marks about his productivity remain.
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