You’re on the Clock Houston--Johnny Manziel or Jadeveon Clowney?

Many fans want the Texans to draft Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel with the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft—but is he the right choice?


Parker Needs to Step Up

Tony Parker is having another All-star season but with the Spurs riddled with injuries they need their star to return to the MVP conversation.


Houston Astros are Primed and Ready to Climb Out of the Cellar

It’s been rough for fans of the Houston Astros the last few years, but loyal fans need not worry—there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Jerry Jones Looking to Create More Drama for Cowboys Coaching Staff

When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys it appears that one thing is true—the more things change, the more they are going to stay the same in Big D.


If the Seattle Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII Johnny Manziel's Draft Value Will Rise

Johnny Manziel zinged the Seahawks recently on Instagram, but what he should do is hope that Russell Wilson leads the Seahawks to Super Bowl glory.


Healthy Spurs’ Team Would Still Be Formidable

The Spurs are struggling against the best teams but they still will be true contenders in the playoffs, if their healthy.


Will the Houston Texans Do What Needs to Be Done to Become Competitive Again?

Winning is nice (heck—it’s awesome). Houston Texans fans want to see their team doing it again, but will the organization do what it takes?


3 Reasons the Spurs are Struggling Against the Best Teams

The Spurs have an awful record against the top teams in the West, why is this team missing their mark?


Dallas in Numbers

The most critical number in the Cowboys season was 8-8; they missed the play-offs again and become the third team ever to go .500 for three years in a row.


Is Charlie Strong Going to be the ‘In Between’ Guy for the Longhorns?

Charlie Strong has a tough job to do, and I don’t mean just getting the team ready to play next season. No—he has to replace Mack Brown.


Jerry Jones Needs to Rehire Wade Phillips (yes, I’m serious)

Jerry Jones appears to be standing by his coaches this off-season, but if he really wants to win he’ll swallow his pride and do what’s needed.


Time for Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M to Fall Back Down to Earth?

Moving on from Johnny Manziel will not be easy for Texas A&M next season, but with the talent on board Kevin Sumlin should not many--if any--problems.


Belinelli Continues to Thrive

  The San Antonio Spurs are in a race for the top spot in the Western Conference, but it hasn’t been the smoothest start of season for the Spurs.


Baylor’s Loss to UCF Shows Art Briles Has Some Work To Do

It’s been a heck of a year for the Baylor Bears and Art Briles, but the same old problems led to a loss in the Fiesta Bowl to the UCF Knights.



MVPTEXAS RT @HoustonTexans: PRIME. TIME. The #Texans will be on the national stage in 2015. MORE:
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MVPTEXAS RT @CBSSports: Tim Duncan turned 39 today, so let's put his NBA career in perspective:
MVPTEXAS RT @astros: Feldman works around a two-out walk. We are through two complete in Oakland and the #Astros lead 4-0.
MVPTEXAS RT @ESPNDallas: Expect the #Mavs to keep playing with pride, writes @JJT_ESPNDallas.

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