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What will Ginobili Bring Next Season?

Manu Ginobili is the heart and soul of the San Antonio Spurs, but what aspect of his game can he improve on for next season?

Manu Ginobili has always been a special player, memorable to say the least. His game is filled with dazzling passes and amazing finishes at the basket. The San Antonio Spurs would not be the franchise they are today without him.

This upcoming season could be an interesting one for Ginobili because the Spurs are such a deep team.  Coach Popovich will likely keep Ginobili’s minutes as low as possible, preserving him for the inevitable playoff run.

Ginobili once a premier player is slowing down a bit and isn’t as consistent as he once was. So it will be interesting to see if he stays healthy and how he adapts his game against younger players.

Despite his age, Ginobili still can play at an all-star level and will bring a skill-set needed for the Spurs to be successful next season.

So what is the number one improvement the Spurs likely want to see from Ginobili?

Mid-Range Scoring
• The Spurs as a team are anemic when it comes to scoring a few feet within the three-point line. They are often run off the three-point arc by defenders and can’t respond with a mid-range jumper. Players like Danny Green, Matt Bonner, and Gary Neal thrive only on three pointers—struggling to hit mid-range baskets.

• Scoring in the mid-range would open things up for the Spurs and make them less predictable on offense. The team usually will either attack the basket or look for the open three-pointer but what if the long range shots aren’t falling?

• Ginobili has to make an effort to take more mid-range shots and take some pressure off of Tony Parker. Parker is the only Spur wing player that can really score consistently in the mid-range portion of the court.

• The concept will also add to the likely hood that Ginobili will stay healthy for the season, because he would spend less time in the paint.

Manu Ginobili’s time in this league is beginning to whine down a bit, but his presence is still so vital to the Spurs championship hopes. If Ginobili can begin to minimize heavy contact in the paint (by putting an emphasis on mid-range scoring) he may add a couple more seasons to his historic career.
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