Has Mark Cuban Lost His NBA Mojo?

Mark Cuban has done a good job since buying the Mavericks, but after three failed off-seasons does he still have the mojo needed to win?

When Mark Cuban spent $285 million to buy the Dallas Mavericks from Ross Perot the Mavericks were in shambles. The team had not made the post season in a decade (1989-90 season) and didn’t look ready to anytime soon. Since then the team has made the playoffs in all, but one season, reached the Finals twice, and won the Finals once (2010-11).

So he has done a lot with the team since taking over, but the last three years his efforts to do something have fallen flat. In 2012 he went after Deron Williams, but crashed and burned. His pitch for Dwight Howard wasn’t much better—but at least he was present for that one. He was busy with Shark Tank duties during Nelson's pitch the year before.

He thought he had someone this year, but as the entire sports loving world knows by his efforts to acquire DeAndre Jordan ended in another spectacular free agent failure.

Much like the other failed attempts to grab a star Cuban has been forced with picking through the free agent remnants in order to field what will hopefully be a competitive squad. He’s been able to gather enough scraps to make the post season, but has yet to make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

With Cuban’s failure to land a big name free agent for three years running it is hard not to wonder—has he lost his touch? Can he still attract thee key pieces the team needs to win. In short--

Has Cuban lost his NBA mojo?

Cuban has dealt with free agents in the past. He has seen them come and he has seen them go, but no matter what the team remained competitive and played well. He seemed to have a knack for letting guys goes at the right time. Now he seems to get nothing but the guys that no one else really wants.

To be fair, Wes Mathews and Deron Williams are pretty nice consolation prizes this season and Chandler Parsons was not a bad pick up last season, but none of them are franchise cornerstones.

Is it just bad luck? Is it because Cuban likes to swing for the fences with the logic that if you don’t you’ll never hit the home run? Could it be that he is not putting enough in to the team anymore?

Cuban is a busy man. Along with being the owner of the Mavericks he owns Landmark Theatres, and Magnolia Pictures, and the chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV. After four seasons on Shark Tank he has his hands in a number of other businesses as well.

While he likely has underlings that run the day to day operations of everything he owns, as the guy at the top of the food chain he is still pulled in many different directions all the time. Tack on appearances in several movies and television programs and time must be at a premium for him and he can’t ever have enough.  

So--maybe Cuban is spread too thin? Yeah, he has other guys to help run things and make decisions at every level of his organization. Maybe he needs to lean harder on them to take care of business. Maybe he needs to leave free agency up to the team’s general manager, Donnie Nelson.

If Nelson can’t sell the big name guys on coming to Dallas maybe Cuban needs to get someone that can.



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