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College Sports Morning Headlines-03/18/11

News from around the Texas College Scene - 03/18/11.

WBB Opens NCAA Play vs. Prairie View - Baylor is 8-1 all-time in first round action of the NCAA Tournament.  Baylor is competing in its eighth straight and 10th all-time NCAA Tournament, as all appearances have come since head coach Kim Mulkey assumed the program's helm. BU is 19-8 in NCAA Tournament games, including 8-1 in first round games, 5-3 in second round games, 2-3 in the Sweet 16, 2-0 in the Elite Eight, 1-1 in the semifinals and 1-0 in championship games. BU has won its first-round game in each of its last eight NCAA trips.   READ MORE

NCAA Denies Appeal of Freshman Perry Jones III - The NCAA Division I Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement has denied the appeal of Baylor men’s basketball freshman forward Perry Jones III. Baylor officials, the University’s outside counsel of Bond, Schoeneck & King for this case and Jones III presented their appeal Wednesday and received the committee’s decision Thursday afternoon.  “We were informed this afternoon that the Division I Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement denied Baylor’s appeal on behalf of Perry Jones III. Based upon the totality of the circumstances, we continue to believe that Perry Jones III and the Baylor’s men’s basketball team received a disparate outcome in relation to other recent high profile cases,” said Ian McCaw, Director of Athletics. “While this decision is final, senior NCAA leaders have agreed to Baylor’s request to meet and discuss concerns that have arisen related to this case.   READ MORE

Texas vs. Oakland March Madness Game Thread - If we can stop Marv Albert from wearing women’s underwear, we may have a chance.   READ MORE

Horns' Brown is one year older, one year wiser - Here's how Texas' most enigmatic basketball player might describe his approach to the Longhorns' NCAA tournament game against 13th-seeded Oakland this morning.  In 140 characters or less, of course.  Hey, UT fans, pic me with a gr8 game ag Oak Grizzlies. Plze RT. LOL. #superstar.   READ MORE

Aggies vs. Seminoles sets up as defensive matchup - The Aggies were licking their chops to get out on the floor of the United Center on Thursday.  Getting the chance to practice on hallowed ground made Texas A&M's 45-minute shoot-around for Friday's second-round NCAA tournament game against Florida State something special.  "I can not wait to get out on that floor," sophomore forward Ray Turner said. "I've seen so many YouTube videos of [Michael] Jordan here, I can't wait to go out there. I'm going to be the first one to dunk."  Turner waited for the buzzer to sound and the team to break its huddle before fulfilling his promise.   READ MORE

Loose Aggies ready for another round in the NCAAs - Texas A&M, a veteran team with 11 players owning NCAA tournament experience, kept it loose on Thursday afternoon with a lighthearted but competitive shooting game in United Center – about 24 hours before the seventh-seeded Aggies take on 10th-seeded Florida State.  Frankly, I’m not sure who won, but the half-court offerings of Khris Middleton and Marshall Carrell were the most impressive of some of the Globetrotter-like shots. Teams take part in open practices the day before they play, and the Aggies and others aren’t about to give away their secrets by running actual plays leading up to their date with the Seminoles (at least not at the open practice).  Coach Mark Turgeon’s players have been in this setting before – and it showed Thursday with a calm but focused squad that’s ready for another opening round of the NCAA tournament.   READ MORE

Source: Gillispie to TTU likely coming next week - Billy Gillispie will be named Texas Tech's next basketball coach barring an unexpected change of plans over the coming days, a source told CBSSports.com on Thursday. But the source added that nothing is finalized and almost certainly won't be before Monday because Kirby Hocutt doesn't officially take over as the school's athletic director until next week, and Texas Tech won't formally move on Gillispie in advance of that.  "They're in a holding pattern," the source said. "But it's headed that direction."   READ MORE

Grace Prep post is boys Player of the Year - There isn't a stat that shows the overall effect Arlington Grace Prep junior center Isaiah Austin has on a game. Standing 7-foot-1, the 17-year-old Austin provides an inside presence unmatched in the high school game, making opponents alter game plans.  Not only is he a force in the paint, Austin also allows the Grace Prep guards to pressure the ball more because he is the ultimate safety net if they get beat.   READ MORE

Cougars hoops sendoff on Friday, plus more tourney info - If you want to help send off the UH women's hoops team as it prepares to head to Waco for the NCAA Tournament, you can do so at 1:30 p.m. on Friday.  The Cougars will have a sendoff gathering at the parking lot of the UH police station at 1 p.m. on Friday. The band, cheerleaders, Cougar Dolls and others will be present to help send the Cougars off for the weekend as they prepare to play West Virginia in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Sunday.   READ MORE

Hofheinz Pavilion to play host to College Slam Dunk & 3-Point Championships - Fun-filled events begins at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, March 31, in Hofheinz Pavilion.  Some of the nation's top college basketball slam dunkers and 3-point shooters will square off during the 23rd Annual College Slam Dunk and 3-Point Championships on Thursday, March 31, in Hofheinz Pavilion.  Twenty-four of the best in college basketball from the 2010-11 season will compete in the Men's 3-Point Shooting Championship, the State Farm Women's 3-Point Shooting Championship, the Mercedes-Benz Battle of the Champions and the Denny's Slam Dunk Competition.   READ MORE

Missouri State Beats Rice 76-65 in WNIT - Kuster Notches 13th Double-Double.  The Rice Owls played hard and hustled but it was not enough, as Missouri State defeated Rice 76-65 in the Women's National Invitational Tournament at the JQH Arena in front of 1,459 fans. The Owls end their season at 18-14, while the Lady Bears improve to 24-10. Rice?s Jessica Kuster posted her 13th double-double of the season with 15 points and a game-high 11 rebounds.  It was the Owls 10th post-season appearance and seventh in the WNIT. It was also the third WNIT appearance for the program under head coach Greg Williams.  Also in double-digits for Rice was sophomore guard Jessica Goswitz with 13 points and Morgan Mayse with 12 points. Mayse also had 6 rebounds and D'Frantz Smart scored 8 points.   READ MORE

Rice Continues Homestand With Series Against Former WAC Rival Louisiana Tech - The Rice baseball team, 10-9 this season and ranked as high as 17th in the nation, continues its current homestand at Reckling Park with a three-game weekend series. The Owls host former Western Athletic Conference rival Louisiana Tech (8-8) this Fri.-Sun (Mar. 18-20). Start times with the Bulldogs are set for 6:30 pm (Fri.), 2 pm (Sat.) and 1 pm (Sun.). Saturday's game features a special promotion for fans in attendance. The second set of Rice Baseball trading cards courtesy of Fidelity Investments will be available at the Reckling Park entry way.   READ MORE

Busy Schedule For Landor - Teurlings Catholic QB Dshaie Landor shouldn't get bored in the near future. The junior has a busy schedule on tap, filled with campus visits, Junior Days, the Elite 11 QB Trials, and more.  "I'm going to Junior Day at Tulsa in two weeks and UL this weekend," said Dshaie Landor. "SMU invited me to their Junior Day, but I'm already going to their camp to throw for June Jones, so I'm going to wait until that visit. They say I'll get an offer then.   READ MORE

MBB MARCHes On: Hosts Jacksonville In CIT Second Round On Saturday At 2pm - Mustangs Home For Second Time This Postseason.  The SMU Mustangs host the Jacksonville Dolphins in the second round of the CollegeInsider.com Tournament (CIT) at Moody Coliseum on Saturday at 2 p.m. SMU is in the second round after a 64-57 overtime win against Oral Roberts in the first round on Wednesday. It was the Mustangs' first postseason win since the first round of the 1988 NCAA tournament. The Mustangs already have their highest win total (18) since 2000-01 and recorded their most league wins (8) in Conference USA. The Mustangs are 14-6 at Moody Coliseum this season as they extend the school-record with their 21st home game. The 14 home wins are one off the SMU record of 15 set in 1984-85.   READ MORE

Softball Returns Home to Face Marist - The UTEP softball team is back home after a two-week long road trip, and they will take a break from conference play to take on Marist College in a four game series at Helen of Troy Field.  UTEP (12-12, 1-2 C-USA) is coming off their first conference series, where they finished 1-2 against the University of Central Florida. Despite losing the series, the Miners’ offense is leading the conference in slugging percentage (.419), runs scored (127), RBIs (109), doubles (35) and total bases (262).   READ MORE

Miner Illustrated Magazine:  Vol 1, Issue 11 - It’s been a tough weekend for UTEP’s basketball teams. The women’s team put up a spectacular fight against nationally-ranked Houston before falling to them in the quarterfinals of the C-USA tournament while the men’s team lost a heartbreaker to Memphis in the championship game.  It’s hard not to dwell on the past, but we spent some time this week reviewing the events of this past weekend. Chris talks about the heartbreak that happened to the men in the championship game while Gus reviews the women’s games. Alex takes a closer look at the NCAA bids and presents his case for why UTEP should have been given a NCAA nod. We recap some of the C-USA tourney games with an 8-page photo spread from Jeff Taylor and wrap up the issue with The Final Word from Josh Puga and his perspective on why the Miners are still winners.   READ MORE

Horned Frogs Fall Short Against Golden Eagles Thursday - TCU closed its season with a 22-11 overall record.  Senior Helena Sverrisdottir recorded only the third triple double in school history Thursday night, but the Horned Frogs were upended by Oral Roberts, 78-74, in the opening round of the Women's NIT at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.  Emily Carter carried the Frogs the entire night, scoring a game-high 30 points in her final game in a TCU uniform. The Louisiana native also tallied six assists and six rebounds Thursday night. In all, Carter put up 16 three-point attempts against the Golden Eagles, which ranks No. 1 all-time in school history for three-point field goal attempts in a single-game.   READ MORE

Frogs Open League Play At UNLV Friday Night - TCU was picked to win the league this year.  The TCU Horned Frogs will kick off Mountain West Conference play Friday night when they hit the road to take on a red-hot UNLV squad that enters the weekend 16-4 on the season. The series-opener Friday night will pit a pair of 4-0 pitchers in Kyle Winkler and Tanner Peters against each other. First pitch is set for 8:05 p.m. (CST).   READ MORE

Thoughts on Stephens' departure - After three tough years, Shanice Stephens is out as UNT's women's basketball coach.  I'm not surprised.  There was just too much going on that people know about, and that people don't, for something not to happen.  UNT had gotten worse every year in the Stephens era and lost 11 straight to end a season it tied the school record for losses in a season with 25.   READ MORE

One shining moment, uhh, 53 seconds for the old Sun Belt - Did you miss it?  If you weren't paying attention, you might have.  The Sun Belt is done in the postseason in men's basketball.  Arkansas-Little Rock, a team of destiny in the Sun Belt tournament, couldn't close the deal in a play-in game against UNC-Ashville for a 16 seed and was bounced from the NCAA tournament before it really began.  Florida Atlantic was the last team standing and was hammered by Miami last night in the NIT.  I can tell you right now what that is going to mean.   READ MORE

Softball: McNeese State Preview - The Texas State (13-13, 6-3 SLC) softball team will host McNeese State (10-16, 4-5 SLC) this weekend at Bobcat Field. Saturday's double header is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Sunday's single game will begin at noon.  The Bobcats enter Saturday's contest on a six-game win streak in conference play after sweeping both Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State.  Texas State and McNeese State last faced each other on May 15, 2010 in the Southland Conference Tournament championship game. The Cowgirls won the outing, 3-2.   READ MORE

Texas State Returns To SLC Play Against Sam Houston State - Texas State baseball returns to Bobcat Ballpark and Southland Conference play this weekend for a three-game series against Sam Houston State. The Bobcats and Bearkats will begin the set on Friday with a 6:30 p.m. game before playing on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and Sunday at 1:00 p.m.  Texas State enters the weekend with a 12-4 overall record and 3-0 mark in the Southland Conference, while Sam Houston State is 12-5 overall and 1-2 in the SLC.  The Bobcats will send junior Carson Smith (2-1, 2.18 ERA) to the mound on Friday and junior Mitchell Pitts (2-0, 5.56) on Saturday. The team's Sunday starter has yet to be determined.   READ MORE

Roadrunners meet with media, practice at Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday - UTSA met with the media and practiced for the public at Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday evening, as the No. 16 seed Roadrunners (20-13) continued their preparations for Friday's NCAA Tournament second-round contest against national overall top seed Ohio State (32-2). Check out both press conference transcripts in the related links box to the right and a photo gallery of the day's festivities below.  The Roadrunners and Buckeyes will tip off at approximately 3:40 p.m. (CT) in front of the nationwide audience on TNT. The contest can be seen in the San Antonio area on Time Warner Cable (channels 27/127 HD), DIRECTV (245 HD), DISH Network (138 HD), AT&T U-Verse (108/109/1108 HD) and GVTC (28/528 HD).   READ MORE

Previewing UTSA - Texas-San Antonio knows what it's like to beat the odds. After all, the Roadrunners had to do it not more than a week ago.  With seemingly no shot to advance into the NCAA Tournament, UTSA won the Southland Conference Tournament despite being a No. 7 seed in the bracket.  With the improbable run to its third conference tournament challenge, the Roadrunners punched their ticket to its fourth-ever berth in the NCAA Tournament.   READ MORE



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