Have the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant Lost Their Ever Loving Minds?

When the off-season began the Dallas Cowboys expected to lose someone. There was no way they could pay Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray appropriately.

As was expected, the Dallas Cowboys let DeMarco Murray walk in free agency. With just one awesome season under his belt and too many injuries he wasn’t worth paying over Dez Bryant. While there have been a number of off-field issues involving Dez Bryant during his career he has been a consistent producer.  

So in order to keep anyone else from trying to lure him away they hit him with the franchise tag. That means he goes from making $1.78 million last season to $12.8 million next season. Not bad, right? So then how come he hasn’t signed yet.

Easy—he wants the Cowboys to make him a long term deal that will make him a Cowboy for life.

Sounds reasonable. He’s come a long way as a player and a person. He deserves to get paid. If he doesn’t you can’t fault him for going to someone that will.

Thing is he doesn’t want to. He has made it clear that Dallas is where he wants to play. Fans love to hear that, but it sounds like the Dallas front office is using it against him.

“I know how much he loves to play football,” Jerry Jones said. “I know how much he loves his teammates, I know how much he loves his team and I know how much money he’s getting. With all of that, you play.”

There is a sound logic to that. When you get an $11 million raise you certainly have a pretty compelling reason to play, but athletes are kind of strange that way. Rather than sign it and let things take their course they want their future secured as well. They don’t want to leave what is going to happen the next year and the year after that up in the air. They want the long term deal.

Jones knows that yet team’s position is that it is in no hurry to work out a long term deal with Bryant. In the meantime, if they don’t come up with a long term deal by the negotiation cut off (July 15) Bryant has threatened to skip the first game of the season.

WTF, right?

He is likely thinking it worked for Emmitt Smith so it will work for him, but it can’t. Dallas can’t sign him to a long term contract till the end of the season if they don’t do it by July 15. If he skips a game he looks like a petulant little child that is crying because he didn’t get his way.

At the same time, how come Dallas doesn’t care to get a deal done? They know they have one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL. Why are they not more concerned about making him happy? Instead it appears that they are playing the bully card. They know what he wants so they are going to wait him out and make him blink first.

That’s messed up Dallas.  

If they don’t come up with a long term deal in time maybe Bryant should skip a game; make them see what life is going to be like without him before he takes a fat offer from someone else in the off-season. Maybe than Jones and/or his son will pay the man like he deserves. 




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