Talks Finally Progressing Between Dez Bryant and Dallas Cowboys?

When the Dallas Cowboys let DeMarco Murray walk Dez Bryant knew his payday was coming. According to the rumor mill it might finally be close.

As much as we hate to admit it the NFL is a business. Owners are in to make money just as much as the players. One of the toughest decisions an owner has to make is who to pay and who to let walk. For the Dallas Cowboys letting DeMarco Murray walk was a tough call, but it also meant the team was going to pay Dez Bryant.  

The Cowboys took the easy way out and placed the franchise tag on Bryant making him a Cowboy for at least one more season, but if they want to lock him up for the long haul they only have till July 15 to get the deal done. You would think that would make the team a little eager to get something done, but instead they have been acting like it is no big deal.

So—what’s the hold up?

The Dallas front office does not want to be the one to set the mark for free agent wide receiver paydays. The team has been hoping to see someone else sign and set the bench mark to which they could work off of, but no such luck.

With Bryant doing anything and everything he can to show the fans how much he wants to stay in Dallas the team is not feeling any pressure to get something done. They know he wants to stay in Dallas so they feel they can put off talking about his contract for as long as they want. However, wait too long and they run the risk Bryant gets tired of the process and decides to look elsewhere after next season.

Maybe that is what prompted Bryant’s agent and the Cowboys to finally start talking after about four months of silence. Word is that they may already be closing in on an acceptable deal.

Dallas had offered Byrant $114 million over 10 years with $20 million guaranteed; a deal he wasted no time in rejecting. The per season average was in the right ball park, but these days the guaranteed amount is what players are all about. Bryant wanted his guarantee to be more in line with the marquee wide receivers in the league.

For example, when Calvin Johnson signed his mega-deal in 2012 it came with over $53 million in guaranteed money. Larry Fitzgerald signed a new deal the year before and received $45 million guaranteed. When Mike Wallace signed his mega-deal (five-year, $60 million) in Miami he was getting $30 million guaranteed.

It is reasonable to say that Bryant’s deal should fall somewhere between Wallace and Fitzgerald. If the numbers floating around the rumor mill are any indication it sounds like they may end up being closer to Fitzgerald—seven years, $100 million with $45 million guaranteed.

Is it a done deal? No, but it is likely close to where Bryant ends up. The team is already paying Tony Romo a small fortune so to get the most out of him they need to make sure he has quality guys to throw the ball to.



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